Sunday, August 20, 2017

"For more than five years, SELF (Self-Esteem and Leadership through Fitness) Camp has educated young girls in Georgia on the importance of mental as well as physical fitness. At this time ISCR is hosting the camp.SELF Camp focuses on holistic self-care that emboldens the future leaders of tomorrow by enhancing self-esteem and leadership skills. Campers and counselors engage in physical fitness activities & education, as well as in self-care education that helps build strong, thoughtful, young minds.

SELF Camp provides female youth of Georgia, age 13-16, with 5 days of education on the importance of physical, emotional, and mental fitness. Through an integrated fitness model, SELF builds self-esteem and leadership of attendees with a focus on activities, skills, and ideas that can be taken home and shared with their communities."

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